Because life is meant to be LIVED not avoided…

I used to be classic feel-a-phobic. I wanted peace and harmony and that’s about all I could handle. Crying was shamed, so I never allowed myself to do that and that sadness seated itself uncomfortably in different parts of my body. Anger was not allowed, so I turned it inward and experienced depression and a doormat like existence. Jealousy was not allowed, so I stuffed that one, literally, with food and gained a lot of weight. Grief was never processed so there were a lot of places in my body that vacillated between numbness and pain. I was one of those spiritually-bypassed, silver lining people not able to feel “negative” emotions because it was just too painful and frowned upon in my culture. That left me walking on eggshells avoiding life and frankly quite miserable until I awakened to the brilliance of all feelings. Each one is so useful and adds an amazing variety to life. They are the zest of life. Imagine hearing the same note played by the same instrument over and over with nothing else…Learning how to feel all emotions, welcoming them, utilizing them, creates a symphonic life worth experiencing.

The lows are the source of creativity and inspiration. No need to fight them, fix them, or think there is anything wrong with you. Going THROUGH them is the fastest way and the path of least resistance. You get all the goods and like a phoenix, come out the other side, wiser and more inspired than you were before.

No need to cling to the zeniths either. Those rose colored glasses are awesome, but you’ll see amazing sunrises and views from the top again soon. Better, as in more expansive, spiraling outward progression is consistently next up in your queue.

When you run emotional energy, becoming more resilient or fluent with them allows you to elevate your base line frequency. Think of the x-axis on a sine wave graph. Raising your frequency allows you to hold space better for you, your loved ones and clients. It allows you to remain centered and transform emotional energy into radiance.

Emotional Transmutation allows you to utilize these amazing frequencies as the fuel and awareness they are designed to be.


Foundational Orientation Call

Sent to you within 24 hrs after you enroll. This session is a life changer. It serves as the essential foundation and go-to support for any detox symptoms throughout the course. It is all about learning how to work with your energy-grounding, connecting, and circulating it before we ever experience running our energetic channels with frequencies that we consider preferable or detestable. It is the culmination of my intense work concluding from a 10 yr search. I have tried every crystal, man made device, sacred geometry, oil, meditation, yogic pose, energy and body work session, bio-mechanical practice, etc…What I present to you, is what I have finally found that works. Circulation! If you have had a hard time grounding, being in your body or experiencing emotional energies, THIS IS FOR YOU!

13 weeks of Life Changing Emotional Transmutation

Held in a nurturing space of complete acceptance while you explore, de-clutter, and reclaim your emotional sovereignty powered by the collective frequency of support in our group synergy.

30 minute downloadable live sessions are delivered to you M, W and F

Monday-Secure, loving, and belonging space for exploring what we’ve shamed and the energy for acceptance of those parts of ourselves that we’ve associated with it. Things we push away from ourselves.

Wednesday-Permissive, exploring, curious space for exploring how we’ve been conditioned with rewards for the “pleasurable” expression, the worthiness factor barring our experiencing this emotion . These are frequencies we tend to cling to and pull into ourselves.

Friday-Integration space observing the push pull dynamic we’ve been engaged in as we find balance and fluency within the whole frequency in a beautifully supportive space.

Week 1: Ingratitude/Entitlement*Gratitude*Integration

Week 2: Anger*Peace*Integration

Week 3: Worthlessness*Worthy*Integration

Week 4: Fear*Safety*Integration

Week 5: Gluttony/Greed*Contentment*Integration

Week 6: Jealousy*Celebration*Integration

Week 7: Frustration*Satisfaction*Integration

Week 8: Bitterness*Success*Integration

Week 9: Disappointment (upsetting surprises)*Surprise (ones we like)*Integration

Week 10: Grief (Covering the 5 stages in DEPTH)*Acceptance*Integration

Week 11: Pride/Competition*Confidence/All is one*Integration

Week 12: Laziness/Sloth*Achievement/Production*Integration

Week 13: Desires/Lust*Goals/Pleasure*Integration

Bonus: “Not Enough, Too Much and Happily Growing”

*Alumni are complimentary fellowshipped into all future sessions of Emotional Transmutation. All alumni are eager for this poignant round at this time.

Each session is a powerful transmission that can be replayed and integrated on a deeper level each time. Yours for life.

I’m excited and honored to be your guide through these frequencies that have quite frankly scared us into more unfulfilling lives and destructive tendencies than anything else I’ve witnessed. Creating work-arounds, spiritual by-passes, and numbing out with drinking, shopping, media, working, working out, eating, cramming stuff into schedules, relationships…, distracting ourselves in every possible way rather than feel them through to their conclusion, which takes well under a minute (7 seconds actually) if we focus and feel it completely. It’s insane how much control we hand over to our feelings, which are designed to give us fuel and awareness, not run our lives. It is time to take our sovereign place within ourselves.


To your epic resiliency adventure within,