Emotional Transmutation

Are you ready to be empowered by your feelings instead of being tripped up by them…

Emotions could lay me out for days if I actually stuck around long enough to feel them. My life would get consumed by other’s suffering or mere unhappiness. I tried “fixing” them so I could go on my merry way unperturbed. I tried witnessing. I tried stuffing them down. I tried distracting myself with a myriad of 1st world things some constructive and welcome (volunteering, working, reading, shopping, taking care of people, social media, family life…) others less so like overeating, isolating or controlling behaviors to create a space buffer between me and everyone else. What I found is the feelings were still there, stagnating, making me work even harder to avoid them.

While some life forms thrive in stagnant, murky conditions, humans don’t. Unprocessed emotions were the root cause for many an illness and a life full of things to avoid rather than a life to be LIVED.

This is a 7 week course, offered once a year. You can access the syllabus HERE.



Customized support in 1:1 format in 3 to 6 months containers.

If this resonates with you, go to the contact page to send me an email and we’ll connect to discern what you’re ready for and what would be supportive for you at this time.