Human Design shows what neutrinos went through what celestial bodies to activate certain codons in your DNA.

Practical speak: Based on your time of birth, there is a snapshot of you without any distortions like imprinting from your nurturing, rule sets from belief systems, and conditioning from society.

We have a picture of you in your authentic design: gifts, strengths, what you put out in the world, weaknesses that become wisdom, how you bond, what conditions you thrive in, how you learn best, sleep best, and make decisions-that one alone is GOLD.

Get to know the real you and embrace your differentiation.

Personal Reading

Ready to get to know you, in depth?

Foundational Human Design Reading

Learn your best strategy for living life, how you make decisions, how you bond with others, your strengths, your weaknesses and how to turn them into your source for variety and wisdom in life.


Human design reading recipients

Nicole is a very warm and kind soul who introduced me to Human design and made the process fun and informative.
I am now able to better understand my strengths and weaknesses in order to better navigate my life with less inner strife.A reading with Nicole IS THE BEE’S KNEES!” ~Bradley R


“To be honest, I didn’t really believe in HD or any type of “readings” as a transformational tool–until Nicole did my Human Design reading. The results astonished me. She offered an extremely powerful take on my deepest motivations and proclivities, so much so that I was dumbfounded and left feeling fiery and pacing my kitchen. Most importantly, I was able to re-see aspects of myself that I considered pesky or in need of toning down; instead, I could envision their potencies and what my life could be like–so much more free and full of wonder!–if I honored, instead of half-owned, them. She made all of the data pertinent to me and my life, and it was all a delight to receive. I’ve hired Nicole to do birthday readings for friends. Her readings are powerful medicine, marvelously dispensed with heart.” ~Erika


“Nicole’s breadth of insight and natural flow has me contemplating parts of my chart reading conversation weeks and months later. I routinely speak of it with friends. It has served to help change my interior life.” ~Brett


I just relistened to my human design reading. It’s wild how much I forgot. I also want to celebrate you for the ability to take this information and craft it into an amazing session! It was playful!

You honor the walk over and over again. Who does that? You’re funny and have so much heart. I honor you for acquiring deep wise knowledge and so so much mastery and giving it in a way that one feels seen. You offer with such sweetness and kindness. Thank you! Thank You!” ~Stephanie



Relationship Readings


Human Design Couples Reading

What is you? What is your partner? Often we amplify the other and don’t realize who is who. This creates a bit of a mess energetically and relationships deserve all the clarity and awareness possible.

Energy Work Support by Types

These audio series are designed to support each type and those who live with them with their “default” energies. What they feel when not in alignment with their design and what they feel when they are in the flow, working with their authentic nature. It’s amazing to learn how to use your major frequencies like a virtuoso.


For the Manifestor: Anger, Peace and Support Audio Sessions

This 3 session package ranges through the full spectrum of anger to peace enabling you to experience resiliency and discipline to utilize anger efficiently rather than use the energy malevolently or give in to faux peace.

For the Generator: Frustration, Satisfaction and Support Audio Sessions

This 3 session package ranges through the full spectrum of frustration to satisfaction.

For the Projector: Bitterness, Success and Support Audio Sessions

This 3 session package ranges through the full spectrum of bitterness to support.

For the Reflector: Disappointment, Surprise and Support Audio Sessions

This 3 session package ranges through the full spectrum of disappointment to surprise.