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This audio series is designed to support each type and those who live with them with their “default” energies. What they feel when not in alignment with their Design and what they feel when they are in in the Flow, working with their authentic nature.

It’s amazing to learn how to use your major frequencies like a virtuoso.

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To fully living in your RADIANT potentiality!

What can frustration do for you?


Frustration! Want to feel some?! 😉

Frustration is so common. It has a definite nails across the chalkboard level of penetration and needling us AND it has just as much to inform us about.

We are expanding our window of tolerance to emotions and, therefore, stress with this module. We also unlock a lot of the messages frustration has to let us in on and it’s all useful communication.

Every ounce of frustration you have ever felt has served you. Nothing you have ever experienced is wasted. The more familiar you are with this, the greater your fluency can be.

If you have been feeling frustration, we’ll dilute these frequencies and get them flowing and moving THROUGH your body so stagnation from hiding out is no longer affecting you.

Access your Frustrational Fluency here.

How do you feel satisfaction?


Do you have any rules about when you’re allowed to feel satisfied? Is is after all the work is through? When the goal is completed? When you succeeded?

Did satisfaction have to wait until after the mess was cleaned up?

Check into yourself and see if you have any rule sets regarding when or if you are allowed to feel satisfied.

Become curious. Note your patterns objectively like if you’re observing a caterpillar for your 5th grade science project. It’s not the caterpillar is fat and gross. It’s factual: the caterpillar is fuzzy, moving in a wave like motion at 1 cm per second…

Our coping (PROTECTIVE) mechanisms are fascinating, effective and familiar. Applaud your creations and note any other ways now that you’re older with more experiences under your belt how your needs can be met.

Access your Satisfaction Fluency here.

Frustration Satisfaction Support Audio


Have you been seeing how you can utilize these? Noticing anything? What about feeling stronger to act on changes that need to occur? Are you able to hold the space for yourself even better?

Here is support for your further integration and evolving wisdom with these frequencies.