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This audio series is designed to support each type and those who live with them with their “default” energies. What they feel when not in alignment with their Design and what they feel when they are in in the Flow, working with their authentic nature.

It’s amazing to learn how to use your major frequencies like a virtuoso.

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To fully living in your RADIANT potentiality!



If you’ve ever been on the receiving end of someone’s loss of control when they are furious, you’re likely pretty freaked out by anger and have understandably kept a tight lid on it. Even just well meaning adults who invalidated your experiences telling you, “don’t be angry” or shaming and punishing you when you were angry, can be enough to make this emotion be something you distance yourself from and try to avoid.

The reality is, anger is a power tool. Like a chainsaw making short work of pruning, creating firewood, or sculpting ice, anger can get us out of controlling situations quicker than any other emotion. It’s when we turn this emotion on ourselves or others than it wreaks havoc. However, anger and it’s many flavors is simply an emotion. It is useful when it is used with focus in a clear manner. Especially if you have been raised in a fear based society or found yourself in a controlling environment, you are familiar with anger and therefore can use it more efficiently than those with less practice. Basically, you use the same tool that scared you to liberate yourself. Anger is a fantastic power tool for change.

Now, let’s look at say adult temper tantrums…

You know the feeling…something happened differently than you expected and it isn’t better than you expected (the parking ticket, the clothes that don’t fit, the item you want is gone, un-evolved coworkers). Anything that you want to not exist in the way that it does.

How do you react?

Go back in time and mentally make a different decision? Inwardly growl? Berate yourself? Blame others? Cuss? Pout? Give the silent treatment? There really is no end to how creatively we can spew, seep, or inwardly fester that frequency in ways that seem socially acceptable. Wild animals will literally just shake it off. Throwing ourselves on the floor and screaming while physically kicking and pounding would actually be a faster and healthier way to move this frequency through our physical body and be THROUGH with it, but since our culture frowns upon that, what is a good way to process this feeling?

While we can change our mindset, and Byron Katie’s the Work is fantastic for that, we also have physical and chemical signals to discharge and shame frequencies of “we shouldn’t feel that way” that create pathways in our nervous system that will reroute and clutter normal energetic channels.

What if you could just feel those frequencies and harness them in a healthy energetic way?

Good news, we can. But we need to dissolve the shame about experiencing them and allow for the healthy expression of human emotion and the natural experience that they are. This frequency is the energy of drive, discipline, and change! This frequency can get sh*t done, pronto!

There are a plethora of names for this frequency, here’s a highlight of the ones we often discount for not being as scary as rage and fury or as obvious as yelling and shaming over spilled milk: overbearing, irritated, antagonistic, reprimanding, abrupt, quarrelsome, exasperated, impatient, contrary, disrespectful, unpleasant, annoyed, dictatorial, sharp, critical, resentful, sarcastic, loud, aggressive, condemning, offensive…they have their nuances, but share the same tone. See how they are not as productive as a focused use of channeled energy? The act like kinks in a hose. That backed up energetic build up gets stashed in our cells, organs, and if left unprocessed, creates physical degeneration-weak spots resulting in illnesses and injuries, lots of liver, inflammation and “-itis” stuff.

So, get ready to let those stashed feelings flow and get a more focused expression of this helpful emotion.

Here is your audio for ANGER the power tool for liberation.

Do you ever “settle” for faux peace?


Sometimes to just be done with the challenges, the noise, or the moodiness, we give in to faux peace. We compromise our own needs, dreams, and voice and then pat ourselves on the back in a self righteous condolence for being “loving”. This can look like living a mediocre life staying in our comfort zone rather than growing and evolving. Perhaps we were “smart for not going into debt” rather than believing that we can create the support and resources needed when a growth opportunity presents itself to us. It can look like coping and endurism and people will commend you on your saintliness regarding how much crap you can tolerate without making changes in your life.

Take a look at what real peace means to you. What is really loving or serving to yourself and others-honoring your needs? giving up? only focusing on the other? creating a symbiotic relationship?

Here is your audio on allowing Pure Peace.

Anger Peace Support Audio


Have you been seeing how you can utilize anger? Noticing any compromising for pseudo peace? What about feeling stronger to act on changes that need to occur? Are you able to hold the space for authentic peace for yourself even better?

Here is support for your further integration and evolving wisdom with these frequencies.