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This audio series is designed to support each type and those who live with them with their “default” energies. What they feel when not in alignment with their Design and what they feel when they are in in the Flow, working with their authentic nature.

It’s amazing to learn how to use your major frequencies like a virtuoso.

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To fully living in your RADIANT potentiality!



Oh bitterness…it’s a space of resentment, feeling unappreciated, like we missed out and like things were SUPPOSED to work out differently.

Note any aspects of wanting to control the outcomes to be what you wanted. Note if it is done from a space of fear of your needs not being met. Note if it really was a wasted experience. Note how you got involved in it. Was there any self sabotage involved?

This is a fascinating dive into what constitutes bitterness and what delightful awareness it has for you. Enjoy this dilution and flushing of F.O.M.O. and other unpleasant life motivators.

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What is your definition of success?


Success is the buzzword of what everyone strives for, but what is it really? Is it the end all be all of what is worthwhile? What is it for you? Is your context of success your own?

Why aren’t we experiencing success all the time? or are we actually successful at what we are really trying to accomplish-meeting our unmet needs…?

We look into your authentic definition of success and sustainable methods of experiencing it.

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Bitterness success Support Audio


Have you been seeing how you can utilize these? Noticing anything? What about feeling stronger to act on changes that need to occur? Are you able to hold the space for yourself even better?

Here is support for your further integration and evolving wisdom with these frequencies.