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This audio series is designed to support each type and those who live with them with their “default” energies. What they feel when not in alignment with their Design and what they feel when they are in in the Flow, working with their authentic nature.

It’s amazing to learn how to use your major frequencies like a virtuoso.

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To fully living in your RADIANT potentiality!

When was the last time you were disappointed? When were you first disappointed?


Disappointment can seem insignificant. Like something to simply sweep under the rug and just get over. But it’s kind of impertinent that way. It doesn’t “just go away”. We don’t “just get over it”.

We can be disappointed with how an event turned out, with others, and with ourselves and we can certainly disappoint a caregiver…

What is your method of disappointment? Have you noticed a pattern with what you do or others do that is disappointing? When was the first time you disappointed someone? Yourself? What caused it? Is it still the same reason/pattern today?

Mine apparently involved a lot of spelling, lol. I’ve misspelled “disappointment” in a few different ways (and it’s an obvious spelled word!) on every label to get this out to you-the recording, the label, the header… And I’m a raving spelling and grammar enforcer and spell pretty perfectly, so I think I’m seeing one source of disappointment in some unwon spelling bee, lol. In fact, upon further recollection, I can’t even watch shows with spelling bees in them, I’m too uptight. Fascinating!

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Do you enjoy surprises? Really?


Surprise can take many different forms. From getting gifts you really loved and didn’t even know you wanted to being stunned and needing a moment to process all the information and changes to your projected path of expectations.

Surprises, even awesome ones, can threaten our sense of safety. We feel safe if we know what is coming. This is why palm reading, psychic readings, prophecies etc, are sought after. WE WANT TO KNOW! Even if it’s just for fun. Knowing what is going on is comforting to our nervous systems. Surprise triggers primal reactionary conditioning that can exhaust our nervous systems from trying to keep up. We develop coping mechanisms like hyper-vigilant intuitive senses that can drain our adrenals and giving ourselves a time buffer either ahead or behind to cope and process information. Time distortion messes with all sorts of stuff with life like never feeling like we are in the “flow”, to feeling like people don’t see us (in cars, cross walks, motion sensors, computers not recognizing us or our passwords or remembering our settings). Yes, I’ve done them all and there are many more, but I’m stopping here.

What is really beautiful about surprise is it takes the essence of trust and puts it in a playful form: This is going to turn out even better than I planned. What if everything we did came from this mindset? How much more fun would doing everything be? Everything does get way better just being on your zero point in time and space (when we quit distorting time out of fear and wanting to know what is going on). This life gets to be FUN!

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Disappointment Surprise Support Audio


Have you been seeing how you can utilize these? Noticing anything? What about feeling stronger to act on changes that need to occur? Are you able to hold the space for yourself even better?

Here is support for your further integration and evolving wisdom with these frequencies.