A “No Refund Policy” is in place. No refunds are given because sometimes our pain body likes to run away from things that are awesome for us. This policy helps you commit to yourself, secures your time spot or right to attend group formats, and ensures an equal energetic exchange.

No part of any program or series may be copied, changed, reproduced or shared in any way with anyone outside of your immediate familial household (your current partner and children). No part may be sold or used in any way, other than what is outlined in the included content, under any circumstances. Refer your friends and family who could benefit from their own Energy Work to Nicole Collard so they can invest in their own potential and exponentially reap the return on their investment with benefits of their own journey.

By submitting this form, I attest that I understand participation in the Energy Work is at my own discretion and I am not required to attempt any work. I agree to hold Nicole Collard and Greening Place Yoga, LLC harmless for any injury resulting from the Energy Work sessions or my own energy therapy practice. I understand that energy work given here is for the purpose of reconfiguring the energy system to allow free flowing energy circulation, connection, and integrity. I understand that Nicole Collard does not diagnose illness, disease, or any other physical or mental disorder. She does not prescribe medical treatment or pharmaceuticals. This energy work is not a substitute for medical examination and/or diagnosis, and it is recommended that I see my physician for any physical or mental ailment.

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Testimonial and Associated Resource Disclaimer
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